Knoxville, TN


Top Hat Recording has moved! Yes, we’ve pulled up stakes, loaded the trucks, and headed East to Knoxville, TN! We've got 10 acres at the edge of town just 40 minutes from the Smoky Mountains! We’ve built a bigger and better studio, with the help of studio designer, Steve Durr, and we’re up and running! Check out our Facebook page for pictures of the build!

Top Hat Recording has provided professional recording services and a quality recording facility to musicians and producers in Austin, TX from 1997 - 2013. We continue to provide the quality service you’ve come to expect in our new facility in Knoxville, TN. Our relaxed atmosphere, professional service, and reasonable rates make Top Hat a great place to record.

Our Room
Our facility in South Knoxville features 20 foot ceilings with four isolation booths of various sizes. The control room is a comfortable and accurate monitoring environment designed by Steve Durr. The kitchen, lounge, espresso machine, and backyard putting green are available to clients at all times.

Our Gear
Our control room features a Trident 80B with Uptown 990 Automation and a vintage Neve Melbourne sidecar. Recording format options include Studer A827 2" 24 track and RADAR STUDIO with ProTools. Mixdown options include Otari MTR10 1/2", Ampex 300 1/4" with 351 electronics,and Steinberg Wavelab. Check out our great collection of new and vintage microphones  and outboard gear.

Our People
Our staff consists of a studio manager, staff technician, and staff engineer. Together we can provide the services necessary to make outstanding recordings.