Our Clients
A partial client list...

Jimmie Vaughan
Warren Haynes
Redd Volkaert
Jon Dee Graham
Gov't Mule
Bright Light Social Hour
Broken Teeth
James McMurtry
Southpaw Jones
Matt The Electrician
Adam Carroll
Ian Moore
The Hobart Brothers
Richard Buckner
The Sword
Tyrone Vaughan
The Resentments
Reckless Kelley
Averse Sefira
Brandon Jenkins
Bruce Hughes
The Adventures Of…
Sharee’ Allison
Mark Ambrose

Roddy Barnes
Eric Beverly
Blue Engine Radio

Major Lee Burkes
Aaron Calhoun
Kacy Crowley
Dialtone Records
Mark Duplass

Dynamite Hack
Freedom Records
Kinky Friedman & Little Jewford
The Gardeners
John Dee Graham
Groove Junkies
Bryan Thyme & The Groove Machine

Michael Hall & the Woodpeckers
Ted Hall & The Pleasure Cats
Happy Valley

Tony Harrison
The Hitzmen
Bonny Holmes
Horse + Donkey = Mule
The Infidels
George Kinney

Pati MacLean and Crash Bang Boom
George McLain
Mandy Mercier
Mojo Nixon & The ToadLiquors
Jeff Moore
Anais Mitchell

Roberto Moreno
Darin Murphy
Trish Murphy
The Nash Hernandez Orchestra
Needletime Records
Beaver Nelson
Scrappy Jud Newcomb & The Southbound Monarchs
Willie Oteri's Mate-ma-toot
Gerald Patrick
Kip Powell

Pony Boy
Chris Prewitt
The Privateers

C.U. Pronto
The Qualms
The Recliners
Seaman's Quartet
Shades of Blue
Michelle Shocked
Tori Sikes
Michele Solberg

Franz Stahl
Adam Sultan

TV People

Urban Pet Collective
Roger Wallace
Steve Wayne & Ghost Train
Zero Cool